Karl Wieser | actor : voice actor : improvisor

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  (510) 205-0624
email: karl AT thatvoiceinyourear DOT com
or kwieser AT gmail DOT com

Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 260 lb
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Bell, Book, and Candle Shep Henderson Al Fink Chanticleers
The Rebel Courtesan, Begum Sumroo Benedict, George Thomas Vidhu Singh Theater Rasa Nova
Confessions of the Dead Benjamin Pantier, Town Marshal, Franklin Jones, Deacon Taylor Franklin Sablen + Angela Dant Noah's Ark Productions
The Note Critic A Aren Haun The Unusual Smell of Burnt Rubber
The Man in the Wings Janitor Aren Haun The Unusual Smell of Burnt Rubber
Bleacher Bums Security Guard Tim Hilyard Voice One Studio Theatre
Drum Journey Caveman Elaine Clark Voice One Studio Theatre
I Don't Care Where You Sit... Security Guy Carrie Francis Voice One Studio Theatre
Yellow Stripes Chorus Elaine Clark Voice One Studio Theatre
Sunday Recess Improv Founding member and performer (John Pirruccello, Artistic Director)

Gas-Man Gas-Man, Producer Nick Santaniello UCB Student film
Love Hurts Biker Natasha V. MFA film
The Church of Fat Tony the Archangel Prof. Doomhauser Robbie Kenyon Missile Motion Pictures
American Yearbook Biker Brian Ging New Legend Productions

(Conflicts available upon request) VO Demo Tracks available at www.thatvoiceinyourear.com

Acting Mike Carroll (Studio A.C.T.)
Terry McGovern (Voice One)
Elaine Clark (Voice One)
Viewpoints/Biomechanics Mark Jackson (Studio A.C.T.)
On-camera Terry McGovern (Voice One)
Character Voices Terry McGovern (Voice One)
Elaine Clark (Voice One)
Character Voice-over Terry McGovern (Voice One)
Elaine Clark (Voice One)
John Pirruccello (Voice One)
Narration Bob Wood (Voice One)
Improvisation Barbara Scott(Full Circle Productions)
John Pirruccello (Voice One)
James Cranna
Speech/Voice Joseph Feinstein (Studio A.C.T.)
Method Kirk Baltz

Special Skills + Interests
Improvisation : motorcycle riding : can drive a manual transmission : soccer : saxophone : skiing : drawing/painting : bicycling : novice inline skater : novice rock climber : moderate firearms handling : Teleprompter : marginally bad guitar player : Valid Drivers License and US Passport : burping on cue : able to create convincing answers to trivia questions